COSBEN launches the Clamshell Telescopic Arm in the United States

COSBEN launches the Clamshell Telescopic Arm in the United States

The COSBEN exhibition at the CONEXPO-CON / AGG show in LV, USA, will provide the springboard for our company’s latest Clamshell Telescopic Arm for Excavators.

The market demand is higher than ever for an innovative, powerful and low operating cost Telescopic Arm.

Clamshell Telescopic Arm models increase productivity as best in class, this Telescopic Arm shows best performance in foundations, deep digging, underwater and / or slurry wall work.

The Clamshell telescopic boom meets and exceeds these needs by incorporating the combination of the hydraulic cylinder with a multi-section boom, creates great digging power, productivity and a substantial increase in performance.

Customers will find in this Telescopic Arm the ideal machine for maximum performance.

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Technical data sheet Clamshell Telescopic Arm:
Code Working depth Excavator weight
13779TA 20 meters 20-25 ton
3021TA 23 meters 20-25 ton
12605TA 25 meters 26-32 ton
12605TA 25 meters 33-38 ton
4990TA 27 meters 33-38 ton
5120TA 30 meters 33-38 ton
13752TA 25 meters 39-50 tons
14155TA 30 meters 39-50 tons
14169TA 35 meters 39-50 tons
4970TA 40 meters 39-50 tons

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Other projects on request.

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